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Frankfurt RheinMain for english startup guests


In the last years I visited some foreign places and always met great people to show me around or even had a couch I could surf.

And since I write for our local startupdigest (a weekly Newsletter with the best events) I got some requests about tips for english speaking people. I’am not the best english speaker, but “bad english” is the most spoken language of the world, so I think its better than nothing.

Frankfurt RheinMain is a very international place, we have the ECB and one of Europe’s biggest airports, so there are many reasons to come and work here.

But I can imagine, that it is quite hard to understand the local habits, because even when most of the people here speak english, they rarely do.

I want to fill this gap, with my skills. I will start to make some videos about people you should meet and events and places you should visit, if you are new, to this area and I hope some people will join me, with their skills.

If you are new to Frankfurt RheinMain and have any question where to go, just contact me. I will try to find someone who knows the answer.

Welcome to RheinMain!


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